What goes around…

Photo of an open fortune cookie

"You will be a famous writer someday"

You may have heard the phrase “What goes around, comes around?” How about the one that says “Good things come to those who wait?”  One of my favorites is “Do what you think is right.” There are hundreds of these quips floating around out there and most of them are valid entries for an American style fortune cookie. I love fortune cookies, by the way. Forget Rosetta Stone, I am learning Chinese one saying at a time every time I open one of those crispy delights…drat, need to get back on track. Sorry.

One of the bloggers I follow, Kristen Lamb, had the good fortune (pun intended) to go to a romance writers convention in LA. Now I am not a romance-type guy, but she described it well enough that I wished now that I could have gone, too. The highlight of her visit was meeting author Dean Koontz, who she found to be a regular, nice person. Her blog post went into detail of how important it is to be “likeable.”

I could not agree more.

As many of you know, I was a professional musician (classical side) for years. A college friend, Frank Ticheli, has made a name for himself as a composer and he is an avid Facebook’er. He has built a community of thousands just by being a nice guy. He doesn’t try to sell you his work, he just tells everyone  where he will be appearing, what he will be doing, and then gives credit to the musicians who play his stuff. It’s always a fun FB page to read.

Authors can do this, too, and many have. It’s not always how many toys you have at the end, it’s how you used those toys to better the world. Kristen Lamb has a book out, We Are Not Alone, The Writer’s Guide to Social Media,  that explains this more. Not too expensive and I don’t mind plugging it every once in a while. I imagine that if I were ever to meet her, she would be the nice person she appears to be on her blog.

I set aside one day a week to run through my blog roll. I usually look to see if I should add someone, rarely (but it does occur) I look to see if someone should be removed. This happens when it becomes apparent that they are no longer actively blogging. I think this has occured once, actually. Really I try to catch up on what everyone else is saying, commenting when I can.

My community isn’t huge, but it is getting bigger. And I appreciate all of you who stop by!  Remember, what goes around…

Have an awesome week. Keep writing!


2 thoughts on “What goes around…

  1. How awesome to meet someone like Dean Koontz and discover he’s a real nice regular guy! Being nice, putting a smile on someone’s face is so easy to do. Simple courtesy’s, giving someone a bit of our time is worth much.

    Nice post DJ. Hey…you’re a nice guy:)

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