“New” from Dashiell Hammett!

Humphrey Bogart as Sam Spade in the 1941 film ...

"You're a good man, sister."

When I picked up my first copy of The Strand magazine yesterday, I had two initial thoughts. First, my, what glossy paper they use! Must cost a bundle. Second, my, what a ton of  ads for upcoming mystery and crime/detective novels! Must pay for the glossy paper.

I bought it anyway, since I had learned that way back in the day, The Strand published a breakout writer from Scotland whose first story was about a quirky detective named Sherlock and his sidekick, named Watson.

Just shy of seven US dollars later, I admit it was money very well spent.

In this issue, the editor/staff had found an unpublished short story by Dashiell Hammett. Maybe you have heard of him? If not, ask Sam Spade or Nick & Nora Charles next time you see them. What a cool little story. I especially loved Hammett’s technique of character development and use of dialogue. If you can find the magazine, get it. Worth the cash just for that one story, plus there is much more. I just haven’t had time to read it all yet. (It’s my lunch time diversion at work.)

So I am liking the hard boiled detective more and more. The graphic, serial novel has taken a new twist. This week’s goal: develop the overall universe of Blackie Sheridan, private eye, living in 1940’s Chicago. Also, set up the first story arc. Nate-Dog (the artist) is creating some character sketches, trying to visualize Blackie, as well as his sidekick, Gustav, the strongman from the local circus.

Strand, pick it up, if possible. “Blood and Daggers” – coming soon to a cloud near you!

Enjoy your weekend. Keep writing!



3 thoughts on ““New” from Dashiell Hammett!

    • I am just a random storyteller, as my many posts will show. I have a WIP that’s a modern mystery novel with a strong female lead and am now collaborating on a hard-boiled detective story akin to the Black Mask, to be serialized on the ‘Net somewhere. Eventually, I’ll figure out what I want to do…maybe pop-up books for kids. Okay, maybe not. Definitely not.

      Thanks for stopping by. Please come again! (New short stories every Friday)


  1. DJ–I can feel your excitement growing in these past few posts, and rightly so. How cool is it to be able to latch onto a copy of the Strand and continue to fuel the impetus to write those fantastic mysteries hanging out inside your mind, plus your book, then there’s the collaboration, and your weekly stories… Very cool! Sherlock has always been my favorite mystery dude…a close second is Ellery Queen. Wait! Dick Tracy! OK…it’s a tie between Ellery and Dick but Sherlock keeps 1st place. I’m thrilled for you.

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