Collaboration Good – Indian Food Really Good!

Southern stretch of Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, about 10 miles from our restaurant, but it makes for a nice picture!


The really cool thing about creative people is that (1) they tend to listen to other creative people without making judgement and (2) they can usually offer something that begets an unexpected synergy. Or…maybe it was the bota kabab, I don’t know. Either way, we all had a splendid Indian dinner at Saffron’s, located in the Virginia Beach Town Center. (disclaimer: I have received no compensation of any kind to plug this really, really good restaurant. You don’t go, you miss out. It’s that simple!)

As mentioned previously, among the topics of discussion tonight was the possible collaboration between me (writer guy) and illustrator dude for the purpose of creating an on-line comic or graphic serial novel. I had sent him three concepts, which he liked. He favored one concept over the others and as it turned out, it was my preference, also.

I will be sending him a background piece and a basic story line, with character development soon. He will then visualize the thoughts and come up with some sketches. When I told him that I thought I would just write and that he would just draw, he came up with a secondary project that sounded intriguing.

What if I wrote one statement and, independently, he drew one panel? We then put them together and see what happens. Could be good, could be bad. It would definitely be interesting.

Maybe someday. But for now, I must think about Friday’s flash fiction before I can bring you…

“Culture Shock” – the continuing adventures of the Electric Slugs: The world’s worst (and loudest) garage band.

Until Friday. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Collaboration Good – Indian Food Really Good!

  1. How exciting! I can almost bet the food tasted even better than usual because you were in ‘creative talks’! That most certainly will whet the appetite. Sounds like it was satisfying on all counts. 🙂 I’m looking forward to what you two come up with in the near future. Here’s a toast to your project!! Good luck!

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