Flash Fiction Friday – A gift for parents!

Electric guitar

Every kid's dream job...

Culture Shock

Lowell Rodgers smiled as he sat down to read the evening newspaper. Parenting a teenager was not an easy task for anyone, but it seemed that he and his wife Bev must have done something right. His son Richard had always been a handful, what with all of those school conferences and that one visit from the police. Today’s announcement, however, allowed Lowell to finally relax, knowing that his son would be following  in his footsteps as both a businessman and a philanthropist.

Earlier in the day, Richard had come home from school, very excited to announce that he had made a decision to start his own small business as well as make a small investment in the arts. Richard did not get into the specifics, but his dad was certain that the business would be something typical of a teenager, perhaps a lawn care operation or maybe a car detailing service. Either way, Lowell was glad that his son had finally realized that hard work pays off in the long run. Given the fact that Richard had always been given whatever he needed, and money worries were nonexistent in the household, Lowell and Bev didn’t want their son to be one of those lazy rich kids that just took advantage of their easy lifestyle.

Bev walked into the library, bringing a fresh martini for Lowell and a Manhattan for herself. “Your boy seems to be on the right path now. His new business should keep him occupied well enough that we might finally get some peace and quiet around here.”

Lowell, sipping the gin slowly, smiled saying “”Yes. I don’t even care what he is doing. I am just happy that he has finally taken some initiative to be productive. I guess all of those trips to the museums and those years of symphony concerts seem to have had an effect, too. He told me has plans to donate 20 thousand to the arts.”

“I know that’s not much, dear, but it’s a good start for him. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the new ambiance!”

Richard thanked the clerk at the store for helping him with his order. Pressing a few buttons on his phone, he called his best friend with the news. “Hey Snake. Yeah, this is Dickie. Look, man, the amplifiers and the sound system will be delivered next week and guess what? Yeah, man, I get the electric guitar tomorrow!”

Richard paused for a minute to listen to his friend’s obvious excitement. “No worries, dude. Everything is coming to my house. We’ll practice there…”

©D.J. Lutz, March 2011


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