It’s all about karma, people…

So my good blogger friend, Writernubbin, has bestowed upon me (and six others) a traveling blog award called The Versatile Blogger. It is for bloggers who try to consistently put forth good verbiage, quality content and perhaps something of interest to the public at large. I was humbled by Writernubbin’s kind words and will try my best to pass this on to others (more) deserving.

But, really, this is just another example of today’s karma. Not only did I get a decent storyline for tomorrow’s flash fiction (which will be written tomorrow now) but I also received word back from an illustrator. What’s that, you say? I hadn’t mentioned anything about an illustrator? Well, for some time I have been considering other writing opportunities, since I am not busy enough already. Exactly. How about an Internet-based serial comic strip. I write, he draws. The cool thing is that neither of us will collaborate on the other’s turf. In other words, he draws whatever he wants, based on what I write. I get surprised by his art; he gets surprised each week by my storyline.

This will be fun. A lot of fun. I can’t wait to share the site with you once it gets going.

Back to the Versatile Blogger Award. Here’s how it works:

I have to share 7 things about me that you probably don’t know.

1. I was tromping through the mountains in northern Nicaragua when the 1978 revolution started. That was the first time I came face to face with an M-16.

2. I have encountered a ghost. It was in Aiken, South Carolina of all places.

3. I will never be invited to judge American Idol. Simon was too kind.

4. I can cook an awesome prime rib. I just can’t afford one.

5. My first car was a ’65 Chrysler Newport, or as we called it…the tank on wheels.

6. I passed up a chance to see Stan Kenton because I didn’t want to skip school. Of course, he died the next year so I was just plain out of luck.

7. I am not that politically correct. (Okay, some of you may have known that one.)

Now the fun part. 7 Bloggers who pique my interest and are worthy of a visit. Check ’em out. Apologies to those who may have already “won” the Versatile Blogger award!

Gwen Newpenny, writer A writer who, with the help of Sergey the cat, hopes to become published someday!

Jennifer McFadden Science Fiction-Mystery author and skilled writer worth reading!

L.S. Engler A writer, writing about writing.

Only Time Will Tell Blog of Lee Robertson, aspiring novelist and working writer.

Teacher Writer Author K. J. Long’s blog. Very comprehensive! A network of blogs written by leading science researchers and authors. Scary smart people.

The Ear of The Mind Thought-provoking discussions & Jazz. Greg is the most intuitive thinker I have ever met. If you like jazz, this is a must must must visit blog!


4 thoughts on “It’s all about karma, people…

  1. A comic strip? I love it. Congratulations–and please do announce when we can go take a peek. How exciting for you!!

    I’ll go visit your choices for Versatile Blogger–I’m already acquainted with Gwen and love her work.

    Scary to know you’ve had an M-16 in your face AND encountered a ghost. You must be tough as nails! I like that you’re non-politically correct at times too…LOL. You are definitely ‘versatile’. 🙂

    • I meet with the illustrator next week to discuss themes. He is quite younger than me so while I am thinking Funky Winkerbean, Dick Tracy or Rex Morgan MD, who know what he is thinking…

      The M-16 incident was back when I was too ignorant of the world to realize the situation. Yes, I was a teenager.

      The ghost was not scary. Two of us were sleeping in the room and were awakened separately by it. When we talked about our experiences the next day, the lady of the house said she had intentionally not told us about the ghost, hoping we would not be too scared to stay there. The ghost was of a woman who had lived in the house about 100 years earlier. She just likes to visit guests to her house.

  2. A comic strip. How very cool is that. I will surely read. I have a daughter that is graphic artist, she was published for the first time last year in an art book. She is currently in her last year of nursing school. For reals. 🙂

    • We are just in the “agree to try to develop something” stage, but he is a way talented artist and much smarter than the average bear with computers. I am hoping we can make this project fun!
      Kudos to the published graphics artist and soon-to-be nurse! You must certainly be proud!!

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