The Real Value of Blogging

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There are over 300,000 blogs on WordPress. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Now look at the picture. This is a visualization of just a small part of the Internet and its connectivity. Wow! That’s a lot of people putting pen to paper (okay, a bit archaic – how about…clacking those keys?)  You get the point. We all have our different subjects, our various slants on issues, our different styles of organizing our blogs. WordPress even helps by offering so many cool templates, too.

There are just as many motivations for writing. It takes time and that is something many of us do not have a lot to spare. We are careful about our words; we want to convey just the right meaning.

So, my point you ask?

Yes, I try to post at least once a week (shameless plug = new story coming out on Friday) but I also like to go through my blog roll and read what everyone else has had to say each week. I comment on occassion, too, since we always like to hear from readers, otherwise, why would we bother? I do the same thing on Writers Cafe, an Internet group for writers, although their server is timing out quite a bit lately, hint hint.

So I write because I want to, but the real value of blogging, to me, is that I have opened up communication, conversation and even collaboration with people from all over the world. Think of what we could do to make the world better, using casual yet sincere conversation? Doubt the power of Internet conversation? Look at Egypt.

Meanwhile: Expand your blog rolls, people! Read them consistently. Comment in a constructive fashion. You don’t have to agree with what is written in the blog, or with the comments that are made, but you will gain a better understanding of the world in which we reside.

And that…can only help!

Oh yes, keep writing!


One thought on “The Real Value of Blogging

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. Through the internet I have met some wonderful people (yourself included!) and I value what they have to say. It has also helped expand my horizons, gave me a new way to view many ideas and has connected me to other writers that I otherwise would never have been able to do.

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