Bonus Saturday – something a little different…

Henry and Kate

A short story of love and hate by D.J. Lutz, copyright February 2011

You ever wake up, laying on the floor, totally not sure if you wore that broken lampshade  on your head last night? No? Well, that’s me this morning.

The whole apartment looks to be in shambles, although for some reason everything seems to be a different shade of gray. Must have had some real fun last night, I guess. I do remember chasing Kate around the dinner table, with both of us ending up on the couch, if only for a fleeting moment before running, literally running to the bedroom. Cushions are still here, there and everywhere, but I don’t recall how the window curtain got tore up; I was probably too focused on Kate to notice. Yes, that must have been a good romp.

I smell something odd. Do you smell it, too? And where’s Kate? Probably still sleeping, the lazy…what is that smell?

Oh, that’s it…last night’s dinner. All over the kitchen floor. Well my dish may be upside down, but at least it doesn’t look broken. That would get me in some real trouble, I bet. Typical. Kate’s dinner plate is pristine. I always end up looking like the bad one, why should this morning be any different? At least the table top looks to be okay…this time.

There you are! Don’t just stand there, smiling. You had your part in all of this, you know.

(The front door opens.)

“Oh…my…Bob! Look at this place! The curtains! What happened to my lamp? And what is that smell? Come here, Katie. What did that mean dog do to my wonderful little kitty?”

“Henry! Bad, bad dog!”

Crap, back to the doghouse for me…again.


7 thoughts on “Bonus Saturday – something a little different…

  1. Wonderful! I thoroughly enjoyed this one and got a kick out of the naughty dog. ha ha

    By the way, you are on the front page of Freshly Pressed under the Writing Tag. Hurray for you DJ!! This calls for a toast 🙂

    • Thanks! I sometimes take a pause from crime etc. and write stories based on the various animals that seem to come and go around here. The benefit of living in a somewhat wooded area, I guess.

      How do you find the writing tab at Freshly Pressed? I seem to see everything but writing. This is unexpected and awesome news. No idea how I managed it. Thanks for the heads up!

      • when you go to Freshly Pressed there are little tabs at the top of the page, click on tags, then click on writing inside the tags–and there YOU are towards the bottom right 🙂

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