Canoes need water…

Have you ever been in a canoe without a paddle? I am thinking figuratively, of course, not literally, but you get the point. Look on the bright side, at least you have a canoe!

How many of us have canoes, but are afraid of putting them in the water because they may discover they have no paddle? More of us than you think. In fact, I bet all of us at one time or another have hesitated testing those waters. Think I am crazy? (I am, but that’s a different story) Let’s take writers as an example.

Have you written a great novel? A poem? A fabulous short story?

Well, that’s your canoe. Have you put it in the water yet?

We (writers) all talk about how we want to get published, go on national book signing tours, and maybe even appear on Ellen’s show or something of that ilk. So, what have we done about it? You will never get published if you don’t send your writing to someone in the industry, an agent or possibly…take a deep breath now, a publisher.

Easier said than done. We all have self doubts about our writing. Many times family and friends seem like they don’t understand our motivation and make comments like “Well, it’s better than some of the stuff I have read…” – that one came from mom.  I find that those close to us usually do understand, but don’t know how to communicate it well to us. It’s okay; they aren’t writers after all. I just appreciate their support, however it comes! I am lucky, I have a great family, but I know many of you are not in a similar situation. So what to do, then?

Take a stand, you!  You like your writing, otherwise you would not have pressed “save.” So what are you waiting for? Share your work with the world. Start slow. Join a writer’s group and read some of your stuff. Participate in online groups such as Writer’s Cafe (

You ready for the big time? Send something to an agent or publisher. There are plenty of places that take unsolicited work. Some need it on paper, some electronically. Other than the cost of a stamp, what do you have to lose?

Okay, I hear you all talking – “Big talk, DJ, but how about you?”

Well, let me tell you. I have already sent in a poem for consideration to be published at a museum (and I am not even a poet, people.)  I am also preparing a short story to be sent to a national magazine.

Will I get published? Who knows how my canoe ride will go…but at least I am in the water!

Join me, won’t you?  What’s stopping you?



One thought on “Canoes need water…

  1. You are so right DJ. It’s funny, but this is the second post I’ve read today about getting our work out there. You know what it is? The FEAR of rejection–we invest so much of ourselves into our work and we are afraid no one will like it. But how do we know that unless we put it out there? Canoe-no paddle-excellent advice!

    PS. I often get the same general kind of reaction from my family as well…’That’s nice’ and a pat on the head like I’m a dog! LOL

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