So why do I blog?

That’s the big question many of us get asked, especially by people who don’t. But that’s okay. It’s a good question – one that we should all be able to answer!

I blog because…

It’s fun.

It allows me to share something about myself. In this case, this allows me to share my short stories on Friday’s and provides occasional updates on my novel.

It’s fun.

Writer (and blogger / social media expert) Kristen Lamb said it best in her book, We Are Not Alone, the Writer’s Guide to Social Media“Blogging is really author training. It makes you write good content on a regular basis.” This reminds me of many a conversation overheard at the Navy School of Music, when students would come in to the instructor’s office and ask us why it was so important that they write music every week. I am trying to heed my own advice here.

It’s fun.

It expands my conversation with the world. Through my 2 blogs, I have conversed with people in Japan, Germany, England, Australia. New Zealand and many others, as well as a good number of states here in America. And they have all been very nice people. It’s a karma thing, really.

After creating bar chart after bar chart at work each day, I could just go hang out at the bar after work, but instead… I have fun – I blog!

Why do you blog?


3 thoughts on “So why do I blog?

  1. Well, obviously we all have something to say! LOL I’ve had several blogs, each with a different kind of voice. My favorite was the one I had doing book reviews but the one I have now is slowly working it’s way into my heart. Regardless of the theme or content, it just seems to go hand in hand with the need to write. But it isn’t always fun for me. I often feel like I’m laying myself wide open and I don’t really like doing that. I hesitate to put more of my work on the blog because I’ve had work recently stolen and found it posted under another’s name. Blogging is a constant tug-of-war for me. Yes, no, yes, no, yes, no…..:)

  2. I understand about putting yourself out there. Writing is something most of my peers never expected from me. I think some of them still are bit perplexed, but that’s okay with me.

    Works stolen? That is awful. I guess some people have no integrity at all. For that, and other reasons, I don’t post anything that I hope to publish someday. Just give credit where it is due, people!!!

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