Blind Insight

Another Flash Fiction Friday has arrived! Here is a little something I wrote last night, titled “Blind Insight.” One of these days I really need to look around and see where else I can post these stories. The few “contests” I have seen look like scams, but I am sure there are legit sites for novices to post their wares. Let me know of your experiences!

Oh yeah, trying a new format…here we go:


Blind Insight

A very short story by D.J. Lutz; copyright December 2010


Man, I am really starting to wonder why I do this…

17, 18, 19…. almost to the bar…success.

Brass rail…good…

Where’s Julie?..Damn, waiting on that couple in the corner..note to self, run into Julie later.

“Hey Dave, how’s it going tonight?”

“Good enough, Bob. How does my path look here?”

“Smooth sailing. Take the same route as yesterday and you’re golden.”

“Cool, man. Thanks.”

End of the rail…5 steps…stop.   Chair?   Good.     Piano?  Even better.

“Time, Bob?”

“Anytime you want, man.  You even have some fans tonight.”

“Cool, man. Thanks.”

Let’s see…how about something from Billy Taylor. Basie Swing, maybe? Like anyone will know…or care…

(the set continues…)

Not a big crowd, mostly regulars, I guess. At least I have two college kids, probably music majors. They’re the only ones keeping their mouths shut during the tune. They’re tapping in time, too. A dead giveaway. Hopefully I can get to the bar before they start asking questions…gotta have a shot before things get too philosophical.

“Nice tunes, Dave. The usual?”

“Cool, man. Thanks. What’s the deal with the couple in booth 10? They gonna make it?”

“I don’t know. He was doing okay until he glanced at Julie. His girl didn’t take it too well.”

Second set, here we go. Let’s do some Brubeck…

(the set continues)

Man, they’re getting on my nerves. Really? Would you all argue at the opera?

Fine.     Oh yeah… sit at the bar, man, that will mend your broken fence. What an idiot…

“Hey Bob, two down and one to go. Gimme a Jack and Coke, hold the Coke, will ya?”

“Sure thing, Dave.  You hip to the drama at ten?”

“Yeah. Our boy seems to be losing.”

“I told him he ought to sit back down with his wife.”

“Dance with the horse that brung you, or something like that.”

“Truer words were never said.”

“Okay, Bob. Let’s try this again. Put a bottle of Church Creek on my tab; send it to them when you hear me start the last song. It’ll be a Billy Taylor song.”

“Got it. I’ll throw in the usual message?”

“Cool, man. Thanks.”

Man,  I’m just a blind piano player trying to make a few bucks. Got more problems than most of these people. Can’t they see how good they have it?

Whatever.  Last set.  Time for some Ellington…

(the set continues)

Man, feel that tension. Come on, man.  Apologize.  She’s waiting.   She wants it.   You need to do it…

“Ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for stopping by for a few drinks. This last tune is a Billy Taylor song called You’re All That Matters…

(the set finishes)

“Good show tonight, Dave. And the wine did the trick. Your boy apologized.”

“I heard them leave together. It sounded like they were holding hands.”

“Yeah. A big improvement from the first set.”

“I’ll say.  Julie still here?”

“Back in the kitchen. Why?”

“I was going to ask her to turn pages for me tomorrow.”

“Now that’s funny. Let me know how that works out for you. I’ll buy you a drink if she goes for it…”

‘Cool, man. Thanks.”


4 thoughts on “Blind Insight

  1. You could try the Writer’s Cafe. I just joined there myself on recommendation from another; very nice people, you’re able to post your work, network with other writers–there is a good number of things to do there that a writer would find beneficial.

    Blind Insight–nice story beings that you wrote it last night! It somehow seemed a little flat to me and I can’t put my finger on it but I liked it.

    • Thanks! I will look into the Writer’s Cafe this weekend.

      I can relate to the flatness on Blind Insight. I have been thinking about different styles of writing, most recently trying the “iceberg” philosophy of Hemingway. Say more with less words, essentially. My level is not really iceberg yet, though. More like ice cube. Thanks for reading it to the end. I always consider that a success.

  2. Nice story. Next gig, maybe he could play some some Bill Evans, too?

    Two college kids listening to jazz…not talking during the music…sounds familiar, though distant…

    But if he’s blind, how’s he know they’re college kids?

    • He probably played one or two Bill Evans’ tunes, one on the first set and one towards the end of the last set. Just guessing since I was not there.

      Clearly, he knew they were college kids by their order. One ordered a coke with no ice and the other ordered a Salty Dog. Julie asked the first guy “What kind of coke?” He answered Dr. Pepper. Then she asked the other guy “Salty Dog? What’s that?” He replied ” I don’t know, but it has grace froose juice!” Only college kids would have that kind of esoteric banter!

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