If you found presents under a tree…

Merry Christmas to my readers! I say readers, in the plural, because there are at least two of you. Maybe not three, but once I call mom, that figure should change for the better.

We had a good Christmas. At our little country church on the Eastern Shore, we had very good attendance at last night’s Christmas Eve service.  The sermon was meaningful (and I say that not just because my wife is the pastor) and of course, we sang many of the traditional Christmas hymns.

This morning, we enjoyed opening our presents as the puppies played with their new chew toys.  After a late breakfast of bacon, eggs and cheese, we all settled down to our afternoon to our laptops and smart phones. You know, typical American family life. We did have a Charlie Brown movie on, though, which was our common connection for the afternoon.

Not everyone has such a great family life. And that is sad. The poor economy has taken its’ toll on many families. There are abusive situations, as well as people in various dependencies and addictions. There, but the grace of God, goes my family, I guess.

What can we do to help?  I have established a link to Social Vibe. It’s there on the right side of the blog, down toward the bottom. See it? I have chosen “To Write Love on Her Arm” as my sponsorship. Check out the link (http://www.twloha.com/ )

Click on the help button, take a survey or two, and the companies will donate to TWLOHA. You can donate too, but what an easy way to get started helping people…people who don’t see the presents under their tree. Let’s help, people!


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