Introducing Flash Fiction Fridays

While I continue to edit my latest novel, and also think about the sequel as well as a historical fiction piece, I thought I would give the writing chops a weekly workout. Nothing too taxing, just something to break up the tedium of edits, really. Additionally, I wanted to create an opportunity for readers to post their own, similar works. Who knows, if we get enough, we could make it a contest. I’ll have to think of some prizes.

So anyway, back to the point. Every Friday I will post a very short story; often they are called flash fiction or micro fiction. There are many ideas about word counts for flash fiction, but I’ll keep everything simple. 300 – 500 words, written in one sitting.

If you want to comment on it, go for it. Be civil, however, since kids may be reading.

If you want to post your own flash fiction, just put it in the comment. If you want to put a link to your own website or blog, that’s cool, too. If it looks like it will fit in with the others, I will add it to my blogroll. If you are a writer, I am sure it will fit in…

Have fun. Enjoy the first Flash Fiction Friday…I’ll post it tomorrow…on Friday!



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