Back in the saddle

Well, it has been a week since NaNoWriMo 2010 ended. I did finish, at just over 51,000 words, and the story seems to have a coherent theme all the way through. I knew that there would be a great need for editing, but sometimes you have to put the manuscript down and just step away for a while to get a better grasp of the task at hand.

In the meantime, I had to finish my final exam in Graduate Research and Design. That was a fun ten pages to write, also, but now I am done, which means it is time to see if I wrote anything in those 51,000 words worth reading. Realize that this is not the first story I have written, but it is the first one that I have decided to put out into public, thus the edit game. Like composing or arranging music, which I have also done (for much longer than I have been writing pulp fiction,) make one mistake and everyone will let you know about it, especially the trombones. But I digress. Better to fix the grammar now…

I found that did have a dilemma, though. There are essentially two main characters. I had written the book with one in mind as the “main” main character, but as I started proofing the first chapter, I realized that this might have more potential as a hard-boiled detective novel using the other main character. Will this decision cause rewrites down the line? Probably. Will it work in the end? Maybe. Will there be angst? Why not.

Most importantly – is the first chapter complete? Absolutely.

My goal (you gotta have goals, right?) is to have this one in the bag by mid-March. Why mid-March? I think I will be going on location at that time. Really now, one can’t write about zombies in the Shenandoah Mountains if you aren’t there to walk them..the mountain trails, not the zombies. Well, maybe…stay tuned.

Writer’s question of the week:  How do you go about moving from the first draft to something for the agent?


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