Dead Squirrels and other Distractions

The world of the aspiring novelist is much like that of the musician. Both think that they can “make the big time” even though the fact is… only a small percentage make enough money to break even, even less make enough to be considered wildly successful. It takes hard work, dedication, focus, a bit of education, a lot of practice and yes, the good grace of God. There really is no other way to explain it. How else could those tabloids by the supermarket checkout stand sell so well?

So for those of you who have been following my NaNoWriMo efforts this past month, you will know that I did indeed complete the first draft of The Blue Crab Tea Room. Now the editing starts. This would be the “hard work” part mentioned above. Now, remember, I wrote over 1600 words a day for an entire month. How long could editing take? I should be done already, right?

Well my graduate studies have started to take up my time again. I am looking at a final exam that is in essay format, and it will probably be a 15 to 20 page chunk of work. I don’t get the month to do this one, though. It’s due on the 7th. There goes the evenings reserved for editing the novel, at least for a week or so.

I could use my lunch break, but that is when I am outlining my final exam papers. Hmmm, when else is available?

There is always my morning Facebook time. (I know of no one who spends too much time on Facebook…) but that is when I am looking for dead squirrels in my yard.

Did I mention the dead squirrel in my yard?

Everyone says they saw one, but I have looked and looked. No dead squirrel. Not even a live one. There goes another 20 minutes I could have used on the novel.

And now I am blogging. Another 15 minutes.

In 5 minutes I will have to go to work.  So as you can see, there are too many distractions this week to get back to the novel. I wonder if Tom Clancy has to deal with this type of stuff?

Hopefully, he does not have any dead squirrels in his yard, either!

Next stop – setting up the continuity notebook.


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