The first sentence…

“There are only so many stories, yet so little time in comparison to tell them… ”

The first sentence of any work is always the most crucial, since it  sets the tone and direction for whatever literary action you are attempting. A blog is no exception. My first sentence has hopefully accomplished its’ goal. Only time and many glasses of wine will tell. These are my stories, read them if you want. Or don’t. I won’t know. You can pass me on the street and I will think nothing less of you. Really.

I have had other blogs, and most notably still have a food & wine oriented one entitled Exploding Potatoes. See the blog roll to the right if you want to venture into that universe. Go ahead, it won’t cost you anything and it might just end up being tasty. But I digress…

For you see, I am an un-published author. Sure, I could fork over a few thousand bucks and become one of the thousands of self-published writers, many of whom are quite talented, but I, for one, am taking the path less traveled, joining the myriad of scribes who have submitted works to literary agents in hopes of getting representation that will lead to mainstream publishing.

Until then, I keep writing until…you guessed it…I am almost out of ink.


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